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1 Section Refrigerator

1 Door Countertop Refrigerator
1 Door Under counter Refrigerator
1 Door Reach in Refrigerator
1 Door Narrow Body Reach in Refrigerator
1 Door Wide Body reach in Refrigerator
1 Glass Door Refrigerator

2 Section Refrigerator

2 Door Under counter Refrigerator
2 Door Reach in Refrigerator
2 Glass Door Refrigerator

3 Section Refrigerator

3 Door Reach in Refrigerator
3 Glass Door Refrigerator

Dual Temperature Refrigeration

1 Section Dual Temperature Top & Bottom
2 Section Dual Temperature Top & Bottom
3 Section Dual Temperature

1 Section Freezer

1 Door Under counter Freezer
1 Door Reach in Freezer
1 Door Wide Body reach in Freezer
1 Door Narrow Body Reach in Freezer
1 door Reach in -10F Freezer

2 Section Freezer

2 Door Under counter Freezer
2 Door Reach in Freezer
2 Door Reach in -10F Freezer

3 Section Freezer

3 Door Reach in Freezer


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McCall Refrigerator Parts Freezer Parts


Model 1-1024UF and 1-1045UF
Stainless steel cabinet interior and exterior front, sides and doors.

Model 2-2024UF and 2-2045UF
Stainless steel cabinet exterior front, sides and doors. Heavy gauge aluminum cabinet interior with stainless steel floors.

Model 4-4024UF and 4-4045UF
Heavy gauge anodized aluminum cabinet exterior sides. Stainless steel cabinet fronts and doors except for aluminum ends that wrap around front. Heavy gauge aluminum cabinet interior with stainless steel floors.

McCall Specs PDF Specs

Standard Features

  • Top mounted compressor and evaporator coil
  • Expansion valve
  • PSC Evaporator motor relief vent
  • Hot gas condensate evaporator
  • R-404A refrigerant
  • Cord and plug attached (self-contained only)
  • Windrunner gradient air displacement process
  • Exterior digital thermometer
  • Self-closing cam-lift hinges
  • Chrome-plated door handles with security locks
  • 6 inch adjustable legs
  • Baked epoxy-coated shelves adjustable on 1 inch centers
  • Concealed light switch
  • Stainless steel pilasters
  • Adjustable doorstops


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