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Series 1 Refrigerator

1 Glass Door Refrigerator
1 Solid Door Refrigerator
1 Glass Door Pass-Thru Refrigerator
1 Solid Door Pass-Thru Refrigerator
2 Glass Door Refrigerator
2 Solid Door Refrigerator
2 Sliding Glass Door Refrigerator
2 Glass Door Pass-Thru Refrigerator
2 Solid Door Pass-Thru Refrigerator
3 Glass Door Refrigerator
3 Solid Door Refrigerator

Series 2 Refrigerator

1 Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator
1 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator
2 Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator
2 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator
3 Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator
3 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator

MER Series Refrigerator

1 Glass Hinged Door Value Cooler
1 Glass Hinged Door Value Cooler
1 Glass Hinged Door Value Cooler
2 Glass Hinged Door Value Cooler
2 Glass Hinged Door Value Cooler
1 Sliding Glass Door Value Cooler
2 Sliding Glass Door Value Cooler
3 Sliding Glass Door Value Cooler

Under Counter Series Refrigerator

Under Counter Series Refrigerator

Counter Top Refrigerator

1 Glass Door Counter Top Value Cooler
1 Glass Door Counter Top Value Cooler

Series 1 Dual Temperature

1 Solid Half Doors Dual Temp Reach-In
2 Glass Door Dual Temp Reach-In
2 Solid Door Dual Temp Reach-In

Series 1 Freezer

1 Glass Door Reach-In Freezer
1 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer
2 Glass Door Reach-In Freezer
2 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer
3 Glass Door Reach-In Freezer
3 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer

Series 2 Freezer

1 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer
2 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer
3 Glass Door Reach-In Freezer

Under Counter Series Freezer

Under Counter Series Freezer

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McCall 2 Section Self Contained Glass Door Refrigerator

Model MCCR2-G or MCCR2-GH (Half Doors)



Download McCall Specs PDF Specs Download McCall Manual Owner/Instruction Manual

Self Contained Glass Door Refrigerator
The McCall Series 1 provides the customer with a high performance
in every type of environment and extremely durable construction
all while using very little energy.

Every detail is engineered for functionality, from the removable
top mounted refrigeration system to the “ACT” control providing
a more reliable and superior performance.
The McCall Series 1 is a perfect fit for any work environment.

Energy Efficiency Rating
Energy Use : 6.68 KWh daily

Product Features:

  • Aluminum interior and exterior, stainless front
  • Built in door locks with heavy duty strikes
  • Low profile metal door handle
  • Pressure relief vlave is standard to prevent door vapor lock
  • Exterior digital thermometer
  • Easy to use electromechanical control
  • Key lock shroud for easy access to refrigeration system
  • Three epoxy coated wire shelves per section
  • Tough ABS interior door liners
  • 10' attached cord and plug
  • 6" adjustable black legs (shipped loose for installation in field) standard
  • High density foamed in place environmentally friendly, Kyoto Protocol
    Compliant, non ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), Non GWP (Global
    Warming Potential) polyurethane keeps energy costs low
  • Energy savings door heater switch
  • One year parts & labor warranty
  • Five year compressor warranty
McCall MCCR2-G
Technical Specifications:
Width x Depth x Height 56"  x 34"  x 811/8" (142.24 cm x 86.36 cm x 206 cm)
Weight 650 lb (294.8400 kg)
Power Output 9.0  Amps
Exterior Models shall have corrosion resistant aluminum on exterior cabinet sides and will have stainless front and shroud.
Interior Cabinet interior shall be corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum. Bottom and top surfaces shall be die stamped to provide radius corners and recessed floor. Three epoxy coated wire shelves are provided per section. Shelves rest on clips which are adjustable on 1" increments on stainless steel pilasters affixed to the cabinet interior. Pilasters are removable without tools for cleaning. Mounted to the interior ceiling, the interior incandescent light is controlled automatically through a switch mounted in the hinge assembly to protect against breakage. An air duct shall be mounted to the ceiling assuring low velocity, even air movement throughout the cabinet interior.
Doors Double paned tempered thermopane glass. Constructed with a combination of extruded aluminum and PVC. Each door has two edgemount, self-closing, cam lift style hinges. Doors can be removed from the cabinet without the use of tools. Door handle is continuous along vertical dimension of the door. Door gaskets are magnetic and mount to the door, snapping in place and removable with out tools. Keyed door lock is mounted to the door. Lock engages into a heavy duty strike mounted to the cabinet face.
Refrigeration System All components are mounted to the exterior of the cabinet ceiling, outside the cooling zone and are assembled as one piece and can be removed as one piece. Environmentally friendly R404A refrigerant is used. The system has the capability of maintaining between 27F and 40F in heavy use operations. Refrigerant is metered using a highly responsive thermostatic expansion valve. System is controlled using an electronic temperature control, which provides improved pull down times, reduces compressor cycling and longer compressor life with lower energy consumption. Control system uses adaptive defrost to assure evaporator coil is free of ice and is operating at optimum efficiency. Evaporator condensate is eliminated using an energy efficient hot gas system.
Electrical Standard electrical connections shall be 115V, 60 Hz single phase. A 10' cord and plug is supplied and attached to a junction box mounted on the exterior top of the cabinet.
Legs Units are standard with painted metal legs and are 6" high with 1" adjustability. Shipped loose for field installation.
McCall reserves the right to make changes to the design or specifications without prior notice.